There is a famous saying amongst the French wine makers that goes “En vino veritas”, which simply means, in wine there is truth. The truth to me is that ever since I began tasting California wines in the 70's I fell in love with them and secretly hoped to open my own small private vineyard someday. Researching how the rows of majestic lime green wandering vines need to be planted and cared for has led me to pursue my life long dreams. These magnificent vines have also inspired me to paint many beautiful winery paintings over the years as well. In March of 2004 the trellised hillside two acre property around GregoArt Studios was cleared and leveled to plant several hundred of first year growth California hybridized grape vines.

Read my wonderful short story entitled “Stairway to Heaven” in the “Hot off the Press” section to find out more about how this visionary winery project was started.

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