Angels spread their wings and gloriously take to flight as they tirelessly hover everywhere around us, from sea to shining sea. Like shining orbs of light they carefully circle the globe in protective layers, leaving vapor trails behind them that magically disappear into thin air, like invisible ink used to do when you were a kid. Can you imagine that? The polluted air that we breathe gets cleansed by a good hard rain that is then purified and blessed by Heavenly white light that shines down from eternal black and blue skies of grandeur. I walk with faith in my hip pocket, for you never know when you're final days and final steps here on earth are going to come. Our minds are over saturated with misguided thoughts of evil that come from to many people living to close together, whose thoughts desperately begin to scratch at the surface of the closed coffins that they are beginning to be buried in. Breathe deep the gathering wind, hold steady and fear not the upcoming fires of temptation. Willingly know, that with your clenched fists of impenetrable faith, along with the ringing bells of freedom that resonate in your tired ears and lonely hearts, these misguided thoughts of evil will disappear like the coastal morning fog, that dissipates every morning as it melts under the rubble of the suns forgiveness.

Have you ever wondered why your final number has not been chosen by a higher source when the dark Angel comes a knocking? How many times have we all escaped a life threatening disaster by a millisecond, or by the hair of our chinny chin chin? Is our final career ending number for when we check out of this short time warp speed world that we live in, determined by a sixth sense? Artists and writers think about these things for they have time to do so, and what comes from those thoughts is a scary "Stephen King" novel, or a misunderstood painting like "The Scream".

Imagine if John Lennon had never written his powerful song "Imagine" many years ago, I wonder if you can. Is it possible for all of us to totally accept each other as equals, even though we all are so extremely different in color, race and stature? Can a Walrus be a best friend to an Octopus, and what kind of house would they live in? My mind is always cluttered with a mess of possibilities like John's was. It is crammed with too many things to think about, like lemons in boxes with a plethora of possibilities. Imagine a world in which a loyal aging son is dieing, and his father reaches over to touch his forehead with one last tender touch. In his last few hours of life with his dyeing breath, he whispers "I will miss you dad". As their world starts to spin around a million miles an hour, like a stringed Top that has been flung onto the ground that spins in reckless abandon, hope seems lost as the end is nearing. As the warming sun begins to set and darkness shrouds the land, on his final night here on earth the winds begin to stir outside of his silent room. The wind magically blows open the window and gently blows back the curtains as a rush of warm air from outside surrounds the dieing man and his family. With his last breath he hallucinates and actually sees the Angels of Mercy come into the room, he smiles and say's "Goodbye" and closes his eyes for the very last time. His soul some how emerges out of his body and begins to hover around the ceiling next to the purified white Angels, overlooking the mourners. The winds of change that blew in a few minutes ago now blow back out once again, and a faint chill of the November wind fills the air as his soul and the tireless Angels head towards Heavens Empyrean of pure white light.

John Lennon of the Beatles used to sing "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, and the world will be as one". I often hear that song on the radio and totally forget its significance that it had upon us. We all were so fortunate to have had John around to listen to him sing his melodies of world changing possibilities, in outstanding English vocal accent. Can you imagine if he was never born into this world, or if he preferred gardening instead of creating timeless music?

Imagine if nuclear scientists who develop Atomic bombs were given huge piles of money to create cancer fighting high powered Orange juice instead. Imagine if your addicting synthetic drugs of choice were no longer hip, and the daily consumption of fresh grown herbs from the garden replaced them in your diet, and suddenly you are miraculously cured from dependency leaving you feeling spectacular, with new profound insight and vigor. I really wonder if you can.

There are empty hearts bitter with mistrust, aimlessly walking around the streets of America. Their loyalty is divided between the right and the wrong. Is it too late for them to find new faith from a magic potion? To be able to witness a child being born, a flower in bloom, an ocean wave cresting and collapsing, the feel and taste of fresh rain on your face and tongue is a miracle, it is a gift from God. It should be enough to help them wake up from their living nightmares that they are wandering around in. Why can't people simply find peace in their hearts from the simplicity and beauty that this world has to offer them? Wake up people, smell the roses and imagine.

Can the Church bells that ring start a new revolution of peaceful and caring followers who are willing to walk the walk, and talk the talk? Can our neighbors change their unsympathetic behaviors and mannerisms to be reborn overnight as trusted brothers and sisters willing to compromise? Can a symbol of tranquility and faith be worn around our necks like a Cross, signifying to others of the endless possibilities of human kindness and humbleness. Perhaps we have too many things to choose from in our lives that complicates things and forces us to be different. Why not throw away your Jet Ski, and you can take your whole family for a walk in the park together today instead? Why not get rid of your weekly movie theatre passes and spend the evening with your family talking about the real world and your admiration for them? Do you think you can become a volunteer for an organization that benefits the terminally sick, or are you the sick one?

Imagine a world in which there are no wars to start and die for, and the Presidents of all of those Countries are on the same golf team, and wear the same golf sweaters. Why does one Country have to be better than the rest all of the time, bigger, faster, stronger? Is the spirit of competition a blessing or a curse? If an Olympic runner falls down in a race, why can't the other runners stop and carry him across the finish line together as one. Everyone gets a Gold Medal, and everyone is the hero. Can a person with a slightly deranged mind be considered brilliant in this new world, or is that person considered a nuisance to society to be controlled by anxiety drugs? I wonder what Albert Einstein would think about this new millennium world we live in.

Does a man need to walk on water to prove that he is our savior, to rescue all of us from the evil in the world that we have created? Does that man need to be tortured and beaten with whips and spears and then forced to carry a heavy cross for miles only to be nailed to it? Do you think for a moment that his father wanted him to suffer thru that crucifixion, as his blood ran red out of his body? That man died for our sins, to show you that things need to change, and people need to wake up and find the common good that exists in this world. Each year that passes this Planet Earth consisting of liquid and land masses continues to spin faster and faster, recklessly out of control, like that spinning top used to do that we so enjoyed as a child. Well that child that hides inside of you is an adult now, so listen closely to the sounds that come from that spinning top. If you listen hard enough you just might here it calling your name, your final number, your mission. John Lennon was a messenger with something to say. He had something to teach us that we need to remember. You may say he's a dreamer, but you know what, he's not the only one. Perhaps if we all dream that same dream for a better world, it will become a better place to live in one day at a time. Imagine if less is actually more, and more is actually less. Imagine that if you can