If I was only fifteen and knew what I know now,
I would set my lofty goals on a mountain top
And ponder my decisions for a while.
I wouldn't take things for granted,
In life's precious moments of scattered few.
I would tell my parents each day that I love them,
Which is their highly under rated due.
If I was only fifteen and reborn once again,
I would spend more time in the flower gardens
With my colorful butterfly friends.
I would listen more contently,
To the whispering wind that blows.
For it whispers life's magical possibilities to me,
And that I would surely know.
I would realize that life is short and love is tough,
That truth inspires and never rusts.
I would count my blessings on my finger tips,
Like starry nights that appeared in Van Gogh's eyes.
I will find more time for inspiration,
Under golden sun, and feathered blue pillowed skies.
Tonight as I lay my head down in dream land,
And the feathered pillows become my clouds.
As the sand slips thru the hour glass,
Once again I am fifteen, if only for a while.


Recently published in the National Greatest Poets in America book.
“Who's who in Poetry”

Copyright 2004 www.gregoart.com

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