Rorschach El Toro © 2004. 24 x 36. 3D Oils

Sold at Legend Cellars Exhibit in Irvine, California

One of Grego's newest paintings completed in august of 2004 features an overwhelming eye full to absorb once again. It was inspired by his most recent ventures south of the border to the bull fights in Mexico with his entourage. The idea for this painting according to Grego is a vision that came to him as he was looking through the Rorschach personality testing cards that his wife owns, and he simply created his own bull fight testing painting. It is designed to work like the Rorschach test to discover what do we really see as individuals. In his new short stories section of this site you will also find Grego's accompanying story entitled TJ and the Outlaw Man that goes along with the painting.


Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved
Gregory Michael Maness DBA GregöArt

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